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Green N White consists of a team of reliable professionals that strive to meet your lawn care needs. Through our excellent customer service, we are aiming to be the leaders in the lawn care industry in Elmira/Woolwich Township (and surrounding areas). See our list of services below!

Green N White Curb Appeal Weekly Lawn Care

Weekly Lawn Care

Lawn Mowing may sound like a simple task, but depending on your property it could be extremely time consuming. Especially if you are not properly equipped to handle the type of lawn you want to achieve. You may also be unintentionally damaging your lawns health if proper procedures are not followed.


We at Green N White have our own line of equipment that we use to professionally care for your lawn. As well as the knowledge to ensure that your lawn not only continues to grow healthily but better than before. Such as cutting the correct height and clearing off any debris on the surface which could suffocate the grass’s growth.

Green N White Curb Appeal Weekly Lawn Care
Green N White Curb Appeal Power Edging

Power Edging

Many people skip over a proper edging to their yards, but we at Green N White believe it is just as essential to the appeal of a great looking lawn!


With our power edging services we make sure that all of the overgrowth is cut back to give all your walkways, pavement, and lawn a nice sharp and clean edge.


We recommend power edging every 4-6 weeks.

Hedge Trimming

Hedges and bushes can add a lot to the appeal of your yard. So it is important to give them the same care you do as the grass around it!


Green N White’s trimming services will ensure your hedges and bushes are correctly trimmed. It will not only increase the overall look of your yard, but make sure that they maintain their health and structure strength.

Green N White Curb Appeal Hedge and Shrub Trimming
Green N White Curb Appeal Ditch Trimming

Ditch Trimming

A tidy and trimmed Ditch or Drainage ways complete the Curb Appeal. As the Townships use an open drainage system to remove surface from the roads and other hard surfaces it is important keep them clear. When there is an overflow caused by thunderstorms or winter/spring runoff, long and unsightly over growth can obstruct that flow of drainage.


A trimmed ditch or water way not only looks complete and pleasing to the eyes, it also allows any overflow water to drain without obstruction.

Spring Cleanup

After the long winter, it is highly recommended that you give your lawn a healthy foundation for the coming spring and summer. It is a vital step in ensuring your lawn is ready for the incoming growing season.


If a spring cleanup is something you would be interested in, please make arrangements with Green N White a few months ahead. As each property varies greatly, we will tailor our services to your specific needs.

Green N White Curb Appeal Dethatching


Having a bunch of dead grass, leaves and other materials laying on the surface of your lawn can deprive your grass of essentials such as air, water and sunlight.


It’s important to allow proper airflow of carbon dioxide to the roots and moisture to remain on the surface. This allows for new root growth and a fuller looking lawn.


Ask us about our dethatching service to help prevent any damage that can be done to your lawn.

Core Aeration

Aeration is recommended to do at least once a year. Essentially, cores of soil are removed from the ground to allow for better natural soil aeration (air exchange between the atmosphere and soil).



  • Improved exchange of air between the soil and atmosphere
  • Reduction in puddling and water build-up
  • Increased strength in the grass roots
  • Enhanced thatch breakdown and water uptake in soil
  • Improved heat/drought tolerance and resiliency
  • Reduced compaction of the soil, opening space for air
Green N White Curb Appeal Lawn Aeration
Green N White Curb Appeal Fall Cleanup

Fall Cleanup

Leaf piles, one of the staples of the Fall season. While a fun time to play outdoors as a kid, falling leaves creates a continual chore for home owners throughout the whole season. While some people leave the leaves on their lawn even through the winter, it can greatly impact the health of your lawn. The build-up of leaves from fall can suffocate your lawn and even spread diseases to your grasses roots.


Offload that work to Green N White Curb appeal and allow us to do your raking, bagging and hauling away all of those pesky leaves and other debris which can clutter up your lawn. We got you covered!

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